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Who We Are

Our Mission: is dedicated to the human-animal bond by reuniting lost pets with their owners.

Our Goals:

-To provide resources for those who have lost or found pets

-To reduce the influx of lost pets into animal shelters

-To prevent the unnecessary euthanasia of family pets in animal shelters

-To assist animal shelters in lowering expenses and generating revenues cares about pets and the families who love them. We understand the deep loss felt when beloved pets are missing. We know how hard it can be to take found pets to a shelter without knowing what their fate will be. We appreciate the effort animal shelters and rescue organizations make to place unclaimed animals in adoptive homes, and the tough decisions these organizations are often forced to make if they cannot find homes for the animals in their care.

We exist to help address these complex issues.


We started because we saw a desperate need.

Phil Morgan, our director of operations, has 15 years of experience working with  animal shelters around the country.  He saw a common thread among them all – the system for connecting lost pets with owners was broken. Owners of lost pets would come searching for their pet at the shelter and 9 times out of 10 they were discouraged to come away empty handed. They had to resort to filing a lost pet report, placed in a forlorn book at the shelter’s front counter.

While pet owners felt better thinking they were doing something to locate their pet, in reality, overworked staff never had time to review the book. Rarely, if ever, were the animals in the book cross-referenced to animals brought in to the shelter’s care or to folks calling to let the shelter know they had found a loose pet.

In 2006, Phil went to work at an animal shelter in North Idaho where the traditional “fill out the form and put it in the book” system was in practice. Knowing there had to be a better way, he worked with staff and volunteers to develop a county-wide online lost and found system that was initiated and managed by the public rather than the shelter’s compassionate and overworked staff. The shelter was able to direct people who had lost or found a pet to check and list on the website first. The shelter staff found it easier to daily compare the website lost and found lists to the animals in their care.

It was a huge success. 300 to 400 lost and found ads went up almost immediately and for several years the site was heavily used by local veterinarians, animal welfare organizations, and those who had lost or found a pet. Private citizens were successfully able to reunite lost and found animals on their own, fewer animals were brought in to the shelter, the shelter’s resources were preserved, more animals were reunited with their owners, and fewer animals had to be euthanized. It was a definite win for everyone involved!  Recognizing the national potential of a site like this, Phil and three partners began developing in August 2011.

We designed to be effective nationwide, to be free to the user, and to “mind its own business.” 

Our pet listings can go coast to coast and every little town in between. We don't require user or membership fees, and we don't ask for login or personal information. If you post a lost pet, we only ask for your email address (which is “privatized” a la Craigslist, and never sold or shared).  Many sites require you to create an account including private information, and some charge up to $300 dollars to join. Many are difficult to use and generate revenues by selling private customer information. We like our idea better.

We believe sharing is a better way to live and do business. generates operations revenues through selling advertising space. Our Revenue Sharing Program offers shelters and animal welfare agencies the opportunity earn revenue by soliciting ads relevant to their communities on the county-targeted “local pages” (assigned to the over 3200 counties in the country). Another win for everyone!

We hope you find our site useful and easy to navigate. We invite you to share our vision of reuniting pets with their owners, saving animal lives, and supporting the work of shelters around the country. While we have worked diligently to make the site straightforward and easy to use, we know there are always ways to improve. We are interested in your ideas!  Please feel free to contact us with any suggestions you feel may enhance the site and its functionality.

Thanks for visiting and please save a life by telling a friend in need about our website!

The Team

               Phil, Eric, Jake, and Susan